Poly Film for Agriculture Use


Plastic Film Characteristic
We supply highly advanced, long-lasting multi-layer photo selective films for use in greenhouse and tunnel covering applications. New technology of five layer co-extrusion in the production allows our Plastic Products to provide a full range of product features.
Our plastic film is supplied in a wide range of thickness and widths.
Cover films made of polyethylene with improved mechanical properties, stabilized against UV radiation and containing the anti-drip property. This group of products includes transparent and light diffusing cover films of different UV radiation penetration levels (complete blockage, enabling partial penetration, and open to UV radiation), while also containing an anti-dust additive that reduces the absorption of dust.
Warm Keeping
The warm keeping function can effectively stop the thermal radiation to the air from inside greenhouse, keep the plants from frost damage, and as well save the heating cost. 
Light Transmission
This plastic film can provide the best light transmittance for the plants which is visible light 400-700 nanometer.
Light Diffusion
Effective Photosynthesis, especially for those high plants with growing spiral
Ultraviolet Absorption Prevent Plant Virus
Significantly reduces diseases caused by the insects, viral diseases, such as pityrosporion ovale, Botrytis and etc. to use less fungicide and pesticide. It can prevent the red rose petals from the disease of Black Edge.